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PCIdeas provides a fast and simple financing solution to help businesses acquire the best computer technology while controlling your finance, giving the business customer the ability to:

Maximise cash flow - Guaranteed costs over a fixed rental term means costs can be managed with the tightest of budgets. Leasing frees capital resources for other important investment and operating activities. Existing credit lines remain intact and available for other working capital needs. Helps make budgeting and forecasting easier.

Protect against technology obsolescence - Easy equipment upgrades or add-ons help protect against the risk of advancing technology that renders equipment obsolete. The PCI Lease Upgrades option allows upgrade to new equipment at any point of the finance term without any increase in the existing rental.

Finance the total solution - All costs relating to the purchase of equipment including software, hardware, services and support may be covered in one fixed monthly payment. A wide selection of financial products, payment terms and end of term options are also on offer from PCIdeas.

Obtain the latest PCI technology - Flexible finance terms* and technology upgrades will ensure your business customer can obtain the latest technology available on the market.

For further information, please fill in the form below or call our business team on : 01943 87 1234


* Subject to credit criteria and option only available for finance lease agreement. PCI Business Leasing offered by RBS Finance.


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